September 29, 2016

Medication-Assisted Treatment Endorsements

image001Our Young Addicts (OYA) is a community of parents and professionals who share experiences, resources, and hopes – no matter where a young adult may be on the spectrum of addiction, treatment or recovery. Rose McKinney, aka Midwestern Mama, created Our Young Addicts when her 20-something son’s addiction was spiraling out of control; today he is in recovery and thriving in his sobriety. To learn more, follow #OYACommunity on Twitter and Facebook and follow the blog. Below is a link to Rose’s blog about her son’s journey to recovery with medication-assisted treatment (MAT).
Our Young Addicts Blog

Kara Roth is a full time student in the Addiction Counseling Program at Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC). As a volunteer at Minnesota Recovery Connection she created and facilitates an All Recovery meeting on the campus at MCTC. She is mother of a 19-year old daughter and hopes to work in a substance use disorder treatment facility for adolescents when she graduates.

Kara’s Testimony