Recovering u offers hope for those impacted by addiction through coaching, education, and advocacy.

Our services include:

Recovery Coaching

Designed for individuals who are seeking recovery or are new to recovery as well as for families or loved ones of those with substance use disorders. Recovery Coaching provides the support and resources critical to lasting recovery. Recovery Coaching is available one-on-one or within group settings and is offered either in-person or over the phone.

Grief Support

Our Grief Support is designed for family members and loved ones who know a person who has died from addiction-related causes. This grief support differs from general grief support because the focus is specific to the traumatic loss and the stigma that often surrounds an addiction related death.

Presentations and Workshops

Recovering u offers presentations and workshops on a variety of recovery topics that can be delivered in a variety of settings.



Living In The Wake of Addiction: Lessons for Courageous Caregiving

CC-FINAL2-1This book demystifies addiction, defies stigma, offers hope for recovery, and serves as a guide for professionals, families and individuals seeking support on the journey of recovery.

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  • – Rev. Sarah Campbell

    Team Lead Minister, Mayflower UCC, Minneapolis, MN

    Sobering and ruthlessly realistic, this book plumbs the depth of the destruction that addicts wreak on themselves, their loved ones, and our society. Englund is courageous, clearly taking on the myths of addiction and recovery—such as the idea addiction is a moral failing, rather than a chronic brain disorder. She is heartbreakingly generous in sharing truthful, compelling stories of her own beloved and torturous mother-child relationship in order to eradicate stigma and help others. Most importantly, this book offers hope. She writes: “23.5 million people in the U.S. are in long-term recovery.  With the right kind of support, recovery from substance use disorder can be achieved for a lifetime.”  Barely a year goes by that I don’t officiate at a funeral of someone who died from addiction. Our hearts are breaking. Englund aims to change this.

  • – Susan Stemme

    Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor

    Living in the Wake of Addiction provides a rare and powerful presentation of addiction from the view of the addict, his family and caregivers. Gloria Englund tactfully and loving raises the issues and dilemmas that we as professional, families, and society need to understand so we can begin to address the epidemic of addiction in our society.

  • –Judy Ensor Lee

    Fellow advocate

    In this book, Gloria Englund shares powerful insights into how addiction affects everyone in the family, and also provides a picture of what movement toward health looks like. Living in the Wake of Addiction shares important statistics about the depth of addiction, as well as solid information about new research and ways of thinking about addiction and recovery. It illustrates a significant shift and broadening of the often-rigid interpretations coming from some of the more widely used recovery models. If my son were still alive, I would implore him to read this book.

  • – Don Shelby

    Veteran journalist

    The path to recovery is lighted by the glow coming from the stories of others who have walked our lonely, painful journey, and those who have found a way home to peace and happiness. We thought no one could understand our hopelessness.  Living in the Wake of Addiction is a story and journey to discovery and a gift for all who suffer.

  • – Cynthia Orange

    , author of Shock Waves: A Practical Guide to Living with a Loved One’s PTSD and Sing Your Own Song: A Guide for Single Moms

    With courage and a fierce conviction to help others, Gloria Englund offers a lifeline for those who struggle to navigate the stormy seas of addiction. With the wisdom of a teacher, the compassion of a true caregiver, and the credibility of a survivor, she uses her family’s story and her expertise as a psychotherapist and recovery coach to show what works and what doesn’t work.  She focuses on dealing with the myriad issues that arise when a loved one is in the powerful clutches of addiction. Living in the Wake of Addiction is brimming with hard-earned insights and useful tools for caring for oneself while struggling to support an addicted loved one. It is about healing in the midst of heartache. More important, it is about hope.

  • – Judy Rummler

    Living in the Wake of Addiction offers compassionate guidance for people dealing with addiction. The practical wisdom Gloria Englund offers through the Lessons helps caregivers learn how to give caring support for recovery while maintaining healthy boundaries. I wish I had known these things five years ago. Our work to end the overdose epidemic is best reflected in my favorite Lesson: “Saving the lives of those who are affected by this disease will only happen when the general public gets angry enough to demand that the people who suffer from these disorders deserve the same medical treatment and compassion as does anyone suffering from a chronic illness.”

  • – William C. Moyers

    Author of Broken: My Story of Addiction and Redemption

    Gloria Englund turns her family's personal tragedy into a very public lesson of hope, help, and healing for anyone who knows firsthand the struggle of addiction. Her perseverance will inspire others to never give up the fight to overcome this cunning, baffling, and powerful illness. She proves that from the adversity of loss comes the opportunity to advocate for others to recover their own lives in the wake of addiction's terrible toll.

  • – Catherine Ashton

    Prison Meditation Teacher, training in Compassion and the issues of Aging, Illness and Dying

    As an addict/alcoholic in long-term recovery, I resonate with the message of Living in Wake of Addiction.  The Lessons reflect the pain, despair, confusion, loss, and the hard, hard work that must persevere when dealing with the pervasive disease of addiction. Gloria’s and her family's personal story reflect a deep process of spiritual and emotional recovery that brings us to our humanness. This humanness is what makes this story true for so many caregivers and their loved ones. Gloria’s education and knowledge of the latest support and treatments available for this important journey make this book a valuable resource for all living today in the wake of addiction.

  • –  Chris Peterson

    Mother of a daughter in recovery

    Living in the Wake of Addiction is a story of courage, love, and the growing wisdom Gloria Englund and her family experienced during her son’s progressive disease of addiction. She narrates the path of her son's drug use, as well as her deepening insights into addiction and addiction treatment options. I was inspired by this honest account of the daily challenges of living with addiction.  Gloria shares with us the gift of awareness and the grace of love.

  • – Barbara Arney MA

    Founder of Luna-Essence for Women, author of Rhythms of Brilliance

    Living in the Wake of Addiction is more than just a gripping tale of the heartbreak and cruelty that the brain disorder of addiction brings to the family.  As a psychotherapist and recovery coach, Englund brings the objectivity needed to weave together her insight from substantive research, new findings in treatment for the addict, and a fresh perspective for caregivers who are “on their last nerve.”  Her humility and insistence on finding the “right relationship with her beloved son, and herself, inspires and brings hope for us all.

  • – Louise Griffith, MA, LP

    Speaker and author of You Are Worth It: 52 Weeks to Honoring, Loving and Nurturing Your Soul.

    Living in the Wake of Addiction is absolutely brilliant and relevant to the field of recovery and healing. I endorse this book wholeheartedly.  It gives a unique blend of the author’s personal and professional experience to educate, while providing practical tools to implement change, as well as valuable support for people in all stages and roles of recovery.  Gloria’s work offers concrete hope that recovery is possible and life-giving for all.

  • – Mel (Mary Ellen) Scholl, LADC,

    Certified Empowerment Coach, and founder and former owner of Women’s Pathways to Health, LLC

    Sobering and ruthlessly realistic, this book plumbs the depth of the destruction that addicts wreak on themselves, their loved ones, and our society. Englund is courageous, clearly taking on the myths of addiction and recovery—such as the idea addiction is a moral failing, rather than a chronic brain disorder. She is heartbreakingly generous in sharing truthful, compelling stories of her own beloved and torturous mother-child relationship in order to eradicate stigma and help others. Most importantly, this book offers hope. She writes: “23.5 million people in the U.S. are in long-term recovery.  With the right kind of support, recovery from substance use disorder can be achieved for a lifetime.”  Barely a year goes by that I don’t officiate at a funeral of someone who died from addiction. Our hearts are breaking. Englund aims to change this.

  • Marius Massie

    Speaker and Child Safety Advocate

    "Gloria is absolutely wonderful. I've worked with her in a variety of capacities and have seen her leadership, care, and coaching style in action. Her kind and genuine nature precedes her and is immediately apparent upon introduction. Her delivery is clear, focused, and provides her client with something substantial which they can immediately apply to their lives. This is not knowledge from a book! Gloria's lived what she coaches and provides a safe place where others can explore their future success as well."



  • – The Rev. Guy Drake

    Deacon, Episcopal Church in Minnesota

    Englund has written a moving, deeply personal account of the devastation of addiction and its effect on her relationship with her son, Aaron, and her family.  In the course of her story, she shreds misconceptions about addicts, addiction, and the frightening consequences that affect all our lives with the rise of opioid dependency.  Gloria helps the reader find hope for change by offering options instead of placing blame and judgment regarding addiction. If you’re ready for the honest dynamics of this steadily rising threat, and want to find healing for your family amidst the ruin of addiction, Living in the Wake of Addiction is the book for you.

  • David Hottinger

    Chaplain, Hennepin County Medical Center

    “Through her presence, her story, and her words, Gloria embodies the power of hope, even in the face of unspeakable tragedy. The truths of recovery that Gloria shares have the power to touch hearts and change lives.”

  • – Maureen R. McNeal, M.A., L.I.C.S.W., L.M.F.T.

    Living in the Wake of Addiction is a page-turner that I could hardly put down. Gloria has written a rich story told with humility and truth about what life is like—the good and the bad—when caregivers have a loved one who is ill with the disease of addiction. The book is packed with truth about how this disease affects the caregiver as well as the person who is ill. It offers hope and wisdom about how to respond and focus on your own self-care as you live life with your addicted loved one. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, with over 25 years experience, I recommend this book to anyone struggling on the difficult and painful path towards wholeness while living in the wake of addiction.

  • – Peggy Thompson, MDiv, MFA

    Board Certified Chaplain

    Gloria presents powerful, profound and hard-earned knowledge. She deeply understands addiction, not only through her extensive research, but because she has experienced it with her own heart through her son’s addiction and untimely death. This book is a gripping cry for a societal change, as well as compassion and healing for not only those who are addicted, but for all other codependent family members and friends. Living in the Wake of Addiction is the best book I have read on addiction and recovery as presented from a parent’s point of view.

  • – Gail Goeller

    Author of the award-winning Coming of Age with Aging Parents: The Bungles, Battles, and Blessings

    With unadulterated courage, hard-earned wisdom, and a mother’s compassion, Englund seeds her powerful story of family, drug addiction, and trending research into our culture’s “deeper consciousness.” Validating the phrase “breakdown-breakthrough,” she births renewable hope, self-awareness, and ultimate resolution, trusting that each experience will reveal the next step of one’s journey. Englund’s Lessons and information on stigmas and medical breakthroughs are groundbreaking and transferrable when laid next to other hefty challenges in our culture.

  • – Greg Williams

    Filmmaker, The Anonymous People

    Gloria Englund is one of countless thousands of mothers whose child has died from addiction. She has risen up out of the anonymity of grief, and into the light of hope, offering the Lessons she has learned and now shares with caregivers who struggle with their loved one’s addiction. Her book describes, in the most personal way, the very reason for the much-needed advocacy movement that is finally underway. Gloria’s story and her son's story are all our stories. But rather than letting the shame and stigma that so often accompany the disease of addiction silence her, she's telling her truth with a commonality that is relatable for all caregivers. Living in the Wake of Addiction reveals advocacy at its best. There is no greater demonstration of hope than what Gloria offers through this book.

  • – Jill Petsel

    Gloria Englund’s book, Living in the Wake of Addiction, is about her courageous, personal evolution as a parent whose child is struggling with addiction. She beautifully describes how her approach to her son, Aaron, and their relationship shifted, once she learned and accepted more about his addiction as an illness. The personal, yet practical wisdom shared through her Lessons learned makes it clear this is more than a story about Aaron’s addiction and death.  This book is a must-read for anyone who has a loved one dealing with addiction. It is a gift from Gloria’s heart and Aaron’s soul.

  • – Marc Brown

    Co-founder, Mayflower Church Addiction Recovery Support Ministry

    When we first realize a loved one is in the grips of addiction, none of us knows what to do.  We flounder. We begin an extended period of trial and error, frustration and fear, anxiety and anger, sadness and hopelessness.  If you find yourself in this situation, read Gloria Englund’s book…and believe it.  It will accelerate your learning curve, it will reduce your errors, it will save you some of the uncertainty that creates the emotional turmoil…and it will give you hope.

  • – Jim

    Fellow advocate

    While Gloria Englund tells her story, she unfolds the progressive nature of addiction from a parental point of view, while also giving the addict a voice. I can identify with the life history here, and I recognize how the many personality traits can manifest themselves into this puzzling disease. Gloria shares her hindsights in a way that humbles the caregiver, and also humanizes the pain and shame that the addict faces. Thank you for helping me to accept humility as a coping skill, which helps me to be more supportive. I hope that writing this book has brought some healing into your life—and know that you have made a sincere tribute to the life of your son.

  • – Daniel F. Pfarr

    Chief Executive Officer, 180 Degrees

    As a parent and as a community leader who has worked with at-risk kids for over twenty years, I am painfully aware of how vulnerable kids are to addiction. I am very impressed with Gloria Englund’s courage as a mother to share the painful journey of her son’s addiction and overdose. Gloria tells this moving story with a great deal of self-reflection and self-knowledge. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand the struggles of addiction, and to find a way to deal with the challenges in a helpful and healing manner.


  • – Cathy Brown

    Co-founder and facilitator, Mayflower Church Addiction Recovery Support Ministry

    Gloria Englund says, “Love brings hope, and hope fosters recovery.” It’s a simple formula—not easy, but simple. Gloria shares a series of lessons she learned through living with her son’s struggle to overcome his addiction. She points out the subtleties of language that play a role in stigmatizing addiction, and gives us a practical guide to help us see through the fog and stay in relationship with loved ones who have addiction disorders. Living in the Wake of Addiction: Lessons for Courageous Caregiving is chock full of practical wisdom.

  • – John W. Olsen

    Grateful caregiver

    Living in the Wake of Addiction is a powerful account of a mother’s journey through her son’s addiction. His death ultimately brought her to an understanding of the disease of addiction, and how it played out in her recovery from codependency. Written with a mother’s love, sensitivity and personal searching, this book can be a vital tool to others in understanding and coping with this insidious disease. I have experienced the tragedies of alcohol addiction throughout my life. Gloria Englund’s story has enlightened and informed me about how to improve my relationships—and the love I have for those trapped in addiction.

  • Jim Ramsted

    Member of Congress (1991-2009)

    “Living in the Wake of Addiction" is a readable and practical contribution to the recovering community that makes a compelling argument to treat diseases of the brain the same as diseases of the body.

    Gloria Englund’s book also exposes the myths and misconceptions of addiction, treatment and recovery. She knows firsthand that recovery can be achieved for a lifetime.

    I highly recommend this insightful guidebook for all those good people affected by this disease and thank my Higher Power for Gloria Englund —a Fellow Traveler on the road to recovery.

  • – Howard McMillan, MA, LADC, CPP

    Wayzata, Minnesota

    Living in the Wake of Addiction is a gift, an answer, and a beacon rolled into one. This book deconstructs the modern definition of addiction as a brain disease, and illuminates the needless yet unrelenting shame, stigma, misunderstandings, and misperceptions cloaking the central issues of addiction and mental health.

  • –Val Olson, MA, LPE, CPCC

    Founder and CEO of Val Olson Company, LLC

    Throughout much of history, addiction has been regarded with an unwarranted legacy of shame. Living in the Wake of Addiction presents a strong challenge to this undeserved stigma.  Beyond the engrossing and drama-filled narrative, there is something new here. Gloria Englund provides guidance for how we can become bridges, rather than obstacles, to our loved one’s recovery. I applaud Gloria for creating this balanced and pioneering work. Hers is a voice of reason, and a voice of hope. She is dedicated to paving the way for a cure, while providing wisdom and encouragement for the long journey toward that goal.

  • – Carol Falkowski

    CEO, Drug Abuse Dialogues

    This book presents an up-to-date overview of the opioid crisis gripping this country. The reader is left with a broadened understanding of the nature and scope of opioid addiction, as well as an appreciation of the complex challenges of addressing it on both a personal and societal level. The book also includes the poignant personal reflections of a parent who has lost a child to addiction.

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